Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Windy Out

There is crazy wind over here in the DFW area tonight.  It's so bad it seems like someone is trying to force themselves into my apartment.  No joke!

I have been neglecting this little blog because I have been busy doing other things like lounging on my couch, taking naps, reading. All the stuff I don't get to do during the school year.

That's all going to change soon because Wednesday I go in to fill out paperwork for my new job and then I will hopefully be able to get my hands on my "new" classroom.

I wanted to show you a few pics of things that have either been given to me and one thing I did purchase on Etsy...I LOVE IT!

I also bought B this great Wisconsin poster for his b-day. It's in the shape of Wisconsin but inside of it is the names of many cities found within that state. It's seriously so cute and I totally know he wasn't expecting it.  But since he loves Wisconsin so much and he just got his apt. I just had to get it for him.

Okay sorry, I tend to get wordy....So let me get those pictures.

One of my students gave this to me on the last day of school. It's perfect and it's Disney!

I cannot tell you how much I love this perfume. Even B loves it and he hates perfume. It's worth it. The picture underneath is what it looks like out of the box.

I had to clean out my old classroom and I had mostly everything thrown into this IKEA bag. Well I organized it yesterday it it looks much better, trust me! I still have tons of stuff in my trunk and back seat...blah!

Here are the cash envelopes I purchased on Etsy.  I paid $27 for shipping and everything.  She personalizes them for you and everything! You can go to Divvy Up to get your very own. Also, please excuse my toes! Ha ha!

She personalizes your wallets to fit your needs..mine says "Have Some Fun"...:)

Lastly, they have a little magnet on each side but you can't see it, so all the envelopes stick together or remove as necessary!!!
Also I found what I bought B for his birthday, WISCONSIN Collage State Print (Customize or Choose Your Own State) cute right? Click on the picture to go to their shop.  Speedy service too!

Those are all my wonderful pictures for the evening.  I hope you enjoy them.  :)

I don't really know what's on my agenda for tomorrow. B is out of town (again) because he is attending some unit planning thing at ND. Then from there he goes back home and will drive back down with his family. So it will be nice to see them. :) But that's not for another 2 weeks :( BOO!

Alright, I think I should get some sleep...see ya!



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